Happy Age: Happiest age for a Woman

A recent study of 2,000 women has revealed that life gets a little more stressful after you've turned 26. And the pressure to keep your career on track and start a family life reaches its peak at the age of 34. The research found that women are at their happiest at age…


One Pot Pasta Meals

When it's the end of a long day and I have either no time or inclination to get in the kitchen and cook. I find that I invariably turn to Italy for inspiration and more often than not, it's pasta that gets the evening's vote. If you've got a sauce…


Single Parents

Single parents are often afraid that their children will be damaged from only having one parent in their home, and the results of so-called studies often do little to placate their anxiety. However, your single parenting status can actually offer many advantages for your children. Studies have demonstrated that the…


Lunchbox Leftovers: Pizza Treat!

A chat with my boss Bethan really enlightened me as to just how busy parents can be! At the moment with only myself, Ed and our ever growing brood of pets to look out for, I tend to take my free time for granted. The subject of quick meals that…

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Top Tip: Babies love white noise, if you want to get on with some jobs, just do it! hoovering or washing machine.