Learning an instrument boosts children’s brain power

If your child learns to play a musical instrument, especially before the age of seven, you could be helping them to turbo-boost their brain power. A recent study has confirmed that learning to play a musical instrument does help the brain, with the children learning under the age of seven…


One Pot Pasta Meals

When it's the end of a long day and I have either no time or inclination to get in the kitchen and cook. I find that I invariably turn to Italy for inspiration and more often than not, it's pasta that gets the evening's vote. If you've got a sauce…


Become a Perfect Housewife!

In a recent interview we spoke to TV’s ‘Perfect Housewife’ Anthea Turner about getting your home in ship shape. If you have kids and are fed up with the constant clutter around your home then maybe Anthea’s tips will help you out. Anthea spoke to us about de-cluttering, cleaning, managing…


How to cut down on Sugar intake

Have you heard the news? Sugar is bad for your health... Hardly seems that ground breaking, most of us know that we shouldn't gorge daily on sweets and chocolate. But there is certainly something in the headlines. However, it is news that many of our healthy foods are no longer…

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Top Tip: Is your baby moving from moses basket to cot? then place the moses basket inside the cot for a few nights.