Happy Age: Happiest age for a Woman

A recent study of 2,000 women has revealed that life gets a little more stressful after you've turned 26. And the pressure to keep your career on track and start a family life reaches its peak at the age of 34. The research found that women are at their happiest at age…


Simple cheesecake recipe

Fancy making a simple cheesecake recipe? Well there's many takes on this old classic, but I honestly think this one will have your family begging for more. Not only is it simple, for me, it's the tastiest I've have had. I first made it with my eldest daughter Isabel when she…


Become a Perfect Housewife!

In a recent interview we spoke to TV’s ‘Perfect Housewife’ Anthea Turner about getting your home in ship shape. If you have kids and are fed up with the constant clutter around your home then maybe Anthea’s tips will help you out. Anthea spoke to us about de-cluttering, cleaning, managing…

Pregnancy timeline: 9 to 12 weeks pregnant

As your pregnancy progresses it's time for your first appointment at around 9 to 12 weeks pregnant. Week 9 At this week your baby's length from crown to rump is 22 to 30 mm. This is the time when you'll probably get your first ultrasound scan. You'll begin to notice…

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Top Tip: If your child is having nightmares, turn over their pillow and tell them you've turned the bad dreams away.