Government announces free childcare rise to £2,000

In a new government initiative, more than two million working families could benefit from a tax-free childcare allowance which will be up to £2,000 per child. Also, the new scheme will be eligible for parents to claim for children up to the age of 12 and will come into force from…


Lunchbox Leftovers: Pizza Treat!

A chat with my boss Bethan really enlightened me as to just how busy parents can be! At the moment with only myself, Ed and our ever growing brood of pets to look out for, I tend to take my free time for granted. The subject of quick meals that…


Single Parents

Single parents are often afraid that their children will be damaged from only having one parent in their home, and the results of so-called studies often do little to placate their anxiety. However, your single parenting status can actually offer many advantages for your children. Studies have demonstrated that the…


Child friendly mexican food

Squashing, smushing, squeezing, smashing… The 4 S’s for cooking with children. It might be that you’d rather your 6-year-old wasn’t wielding a knife or you may fancy keeping your 7-year-old at arm’s length from the cooker but that doesn’t mean they need to be shooed out of the kitchen altogether.…

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Top Tip: Babies love white noise, if you want to get on with some jobs, just do it! hoovering or washing machine.