Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Colds and Flu - How it Spreads!

Colds and flu treatment

A new facebook poll has found 73% of people are most annoyed when other people constantly cough or sniff at work, compared to 27% finding it annoying at home. Is this because it can lead to Colds and Flu...?

It’s also strangers who regularly cough or sniff that upset people the most - 63% find people they don’t know spluttering more of a bug-bear than those that do! A sneeze can reach speeds of 155 miles per hour and travel up to 9 feet approximately 40 thousand droplets are produced by a single sneeze.

colds and flu treatmentColds and flu germs are rife during the winter months and into spring.

Dr Mark Hamilton said: “Commuters for example who’re in close proximity to others can potentially infect large groups of people, which is why it’s imperative to carry a tissue when sneezing and nose blowing, disposing of it frequently and then washing your hands.”

So there you have it, next time somebody sneezes try and pass them a tissue before they sneeze. Also, some people seem to think colds and flu can cause croup, it doesn’t.

To see the video about this research click here.

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