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By Joanne Gallacher

Fevers & High Temperatures

High temperature in babies 

High temperature in babiesWithin this interview we spoke to resident TV doctor on THIS MORNING Dr. Chris Steele, one of the questions asked was about high temperatures and what you can do to get a high temperature in babies down.

What is a normal temperature?

Normal temperatures can vary between 36 and 38 degrees. The average is 37. You might find your child’s normal temperature is 36.6. However, a fever of 39 should be looked at by a doctor. A rise in tempera

ture could be the first sign of infection.

What shouldn’t we do?

When a child gets a temperature a mum will close the window, turn the heating on and put a duvet on a child and it’s the worst thing you can do. A child with a fever has to be cooled down. If you do the opposite your child could have a febrile convulsion - this is a fit caused by a fever that’s rising. Now, when a mum sees this for the first time she is terrified. She thinks her child’s got a brain tumour, she thinks her child’s got epilepsy - but it’s the convulsion is caused by not controlling the fever correctly.

What’s classed as a high temperature in a baby?

What’s classed as a normal temperature is 37 degrees. In terms of taking your child’s temperature go away from glass thermometers because they’re potentially dangerous and they may contain mercury. The best thermometers are the ones we use in the babies ear.

How should a fever be treated?

I have a plan for controlling fevers. When babies and children get a high temperature so many mothers do the wrong thing. They close the windows, they turn the heat up, they put a duvet on the child and if you make your child too hot you put them at risk of a febrile convulsion. If you baby has a temperature the thing to do is get that fever down. I’ll take you through my five C’s....

First of all…Cool Room...Open the window, turn the heating off and if possible put a fan on in the room.

The second C is…Cool Sponge...sponge your child’s head, neck and arms with a sponge or a cloth.

The third C…Cool Drinks...give your child plenty of cool, iced drinks. Whatever they fancy.

The next C is…Cool Bedding...just providing one sheet with maybe a blanket, make them loose fitting so the child can kick them off if they’re uncomfortable but no duvets and no electric blankets.

The final C…Calpol...paracetemol helps to bring the temperature down and make the child more comfortable.

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