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By Joanne Gallacher

Stressful parents

Parenting stress

Parenting stressWithin this interview we spoke to Dr Rob Hicks about the stresses and strains of parenthood. A survey by Braun discovered that many parents get stressed during the winter months worrying about illnesses.

Are parents becoming increasingly stressed?

Parents do worry about their children’s health generally. Many parents worry about their children’s health so much that it makes them stressed. If it’s making you ill then something has to change.When a child is unwell, it may be that you are up at night or you can’t go into work and sometimes colleagues aren’t that sympathetic. That adds to the burden of stress for the parent. If you’re a new parent it can be very stressful because you’re not sure if your child is ill or not.

What are the concerns of parents?

One of the concerns that parents have is What sort of illness is this? How worried do I need to be? One of the simple things a parent can do is check a child’s temperature. What I do stress is that no parents should be frightened or worried to ask for advice. There has been a trend to discourage people from seeking advice from their doctor but if you’re not sure you should ask.

I think pharmacists are an excellent source of advice, these are professional people. They offer great advice so certainly use the pharmacist.

Should we have a medicine cabinet?

Keep an ear thermometer, paracetamol, ibuprofen and an information sheet on ailments in your medicine cabinet. Have phone numbers available so you’re not scrabbling around for your GPs telephone number.

Do we get lots of coughs and colds during the winter months?

There are loads at this time of year and they’re just going from one child to another. If your child is coughing and sneezing, wash your hands and their hands frequently throughout the day. Keep your immune system strong, eat lots of fruit and vegetables and drink.

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