Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Teething Nightmares!

Teething nightmares

Teething problemsWithin this interview we spoke to Dr. Carmel Sher, one of the questions asked was about teething and what we can do to help our children with the pain.

What advice would you give parents of teething babies?

Babies will normally start teething from around the age of 6 months and there’s a lot of advice out there. By the way, some patients think croup is caused by teething - this is not usually the case.  You want to soothe your baby, you want to cuddle your baby. It can look as though your baby is in quite a lot of pain. You may want to give teething rings or something that’s quite firm.

Sometimes rubbing their gums can be of use. You can buy pre-prescriptions over the counter if you feel your baby is very distressed… with some babies give a small dose of paracetemol. There’s a syndrome called teething syndrome which is when a baby gets distressed and parents notice certain things about them. For example some parents come to me and say they notice their baby gets lots of runny nappies…there’s no actual definitive explanation for that but it’s thought to be that a baby produces more saliva when they’re teething, they swallow a lot more saliva and there for it alters their bowel habits.

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