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Simple cheesecake recipe

Simple tasty cheesecake recipe

Fancy making a simple cheesecake recipe? Well there's many takes on this old classic, but I honestly think this one will have your family begging for more. Not only is it simple, for me, it's the tastiest I've have had.

I first made it with my eldest daughter Isabel when she was 6. And she still loves making it now, it's just so easy to make and takes between 15/20 minutes depending on how good you get at making it.

Plus, if you have kids they'll love bashing up the digestive biscuits or whipping the cream for you. (Just make sure they don't eat all the ingredients). Ha ha.

So, are you ready, steady - Let's bake!

Lime and Vanilla cheesecake Ingredients
Serves 6/8

220g (7oz) white chocolate (broken into pieces)
200 g (7oz) digestive biscuits (crushed in a bowl or bag)
1 tsp of ground ginger
75g (3oz) soft real butter
200g (7oz) philadelphia cream cheese
(other full fat cream cheese will do)
300ml (11fl oz) double cream - NOT extra thick!
1 lime
1 tsp of vanilla essence
(we prefer the madagascar version)

How to make a simple cheesecake recipe from scratch...

1. Beat the digestive biscuits with a rolling pin in a plastic bag or large bowl. Then, add the ginger and butter into the mix. You can either mix the butter with a paddle or melt in a pan to pour over.

simple cheesecake recipes

2. When your base is mixed, brush melted butter on the inside of a springform cake tin. Or, use parchment paper, the standard size of the springform cake tin is about 9 inches wide. Pour your mix into the base of the tin and flaten out.

Then, pre-heat oven at 160C or gas mark 4. Once the oven is warm, bake on the top shelf for 10 minutes.

easy vanilla cheesecake

3. Now, whilst the biscuit base is cooking beat the cream cheese in a bowl until creamy; in another bowl whisk the double cream until it stands up in peaks, making it as firm as you can. It musn't break up though, so don't over whisk.

4. Then place the white chocolate into a glass or plastic bowl, then place the bowl into a pan with steamy bubbly water. Leave till melted. Another option is via the microwave, but (be careful). Place on full power for 30 seconds, slowly mix then place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

mixing the vanilla cheesecake recipes

5. When the double cream, cream cheese and white chocolate is all ready. Gently mix together in a fairly large bowl, then grate half the lime zest skin over the mix. Once you've added the lime zest skin add the vanilla essence into your mix and fold the mixture around the bowl.

When ready tip the whole mixture onto the crumb digestive biscuit base. Smooth out the topping with a paddle and then place in the fridge overnight. And finally, tidy up all your mess and RELAX!

levelling vanilla cheesecake

6. Before you serve the cheesecake. Take it out of the fridge for a least 15 minutes, then slowly run a sharp long knife around the side of the cheesecake to loosen it from the side of the springform cake tin.

When you've released the springform tin and pushed it out, place the cheesecake on a nice cake stand and decorate by grating some white chocolate or sour cream like my picture below. I also added some strawberries which give the cake a sweet, smooth fruity taste.

vanilla and lime cheesecake

Cut, serve and enjoy!

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