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By Joanne Gallacher

Holiday Safety Tips

Holiday safety

Holiday safety tipsMore than 45% of parents feel they need to be more safety conscious on a holiday with young children than they would be at home.

That’s according to a survey by a mum whose own two-year-old son fell into an unenclosed swimming pool on holiday.

It was this experience that led Wendy Shand to start her own child friendly travel company - Tots to Travel.

The survey also revealed that almost a quarter of parents felt they had been on family holidays where no basic safety equipment or features were provided.

The 350 parents polled were asked to rank holiday safety features in order of importance. Enclosed swimming pools topped the list, followed by enclosed play spaces, stairgates, lifeguards, electric plug socket covers and baby monitors. Yet, of the holidays that parents had been on with young children, only 45.7% had enclosed swimming pools, 28.7% had stairgates and only 16.1% had electric plug socket covers.

Wendy said: “Most holiday properties are not designed with young children in mind. Parents go to great lengths to make their homes child-proof but the same precautions aren’t usually in place on a holiday. This makes it incredibly hard for parents - who are usually in dire need of a real break - to actually relax. 

With the looming summer holidays, Wendy has offered these safety tips to parents travelling with young children:

1. If the pool is unenclosed, request a room that doesn’t open directly onto it.
2. Ask whether you can hire stairgates or a playpen.
3. Take your own baby monitors and be sure to get an international travel adaptor.
4. Take a roll of masking tape to stick over unused electric plug sockets.
5. Ensure your children wear buoyancy aids at all times when in the pool area.
6. Take a travel first aid kit with you.
7. Opt for babysitting rather than baby listening services.

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