Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Is parenting ever easy?

What makes a good parent

what makes a good parentParenting is certainly not an easy job. It is hard work and lots of people are not ready for the responsibility, commitment and selflessness. It is probably the most important job in the world and not everyone is really qualified.

It involves many different aspects that work individually and also work together to influence a child’s personality. It is a constant process of educating and influencing them, from the time of birth until they reach adulthood.

There is actually no exact right way or wrong way to raise someone, but one of the most important things you can do is give your children a good example to follow.

What about Child Misbehaviour?

Misbehavior is one of the signs to you as a parent that your children feel that needs of theirs are not being taken care of, or met. It is very easy for you to forget this when just focusing on correcting behavioural problems day to day.

Try focusing on other things, such as their charming ways, changing your parenting role from a commander to a coach that they respect.

Some parents seem to have different ways of approaching child misbehavior: One of complete embarrassment when a child is misbehaving in a public place but then the same misbehavior happens at home and it does not get the same obedient or appropriate attention.

As role models we need to instill a clear set of rules and limits that are constant so not to have a hazy set of rules.

A lot of times parents blow their lid when a child’s misbehavior pushes their buttons.

Is respect really important?

Respect is the basis of parenting. Those parents who early on in their child’s life discipline acts of disrespect are far more likely not to have to deal with things, such as temper tantrums, later.

Discipline is hard, but children love and respect the parents who use it correctly. When disciplining a child try to remember not to go crazy. At all times your child should feel respected, safe and cared about by you being their parent.

Some qualities your child will emulate and respect are compassion, confidence, kindness and independence to name just a few.

Parenting is not an easy job at all, but you can look at it as an adventure with never a dull moment. You can enjoy being with your children and you can be proud of them.

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  1. Do you know, i was thinking about the launderette but what do you ask for? Is it a service wash like in Eastenders!

    Jane - the fund sounds like a great idea! However, my blow up fund would be used when I’ve eaten to much junk and need to go up a size in new trousers!

    Added by Joanne 22nd October 2008 - 10:14
  2. Hi Joanne

    I have a little fund for these types of things, I put £10 a month into a pot. It’s called the BLOW UP fund.


    Added by Jane 17th October 2008 - 13:17
  3. I’m convinced things come in three’s Joanne, but these things happen when you have spent all your money. Very frustrating

    Added by Ruth 17th October 2008 - 13:13
  4. You should have gone to the launderette - it is just up the road!!

    nothing is ever insurmountable

    Added by Claire 17th October 2008 - 11:40
  5. Vic, The washing machine has been restored. It cost £50 but we all have clothes again!

    Added by Joanne 16th October 2008 - 12:51
  6. When we first moved out to Brasil we didn’t have a washing machine.  For the first few weeks we sent all our clothes out to be laundered, but it was way to expensive in the long run.  I must’ve spent a month hand washing everything, and that was without a baby around.  Thankfully we got ourselves sorted by the time the boy arrived.  A washing machine is one of those essential items - hopefully you can get it fixed or find a way to finance another one.

    Added by Vic 15th October 2008 - 21:18

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