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Baby sleep sack guide - FAQ’s

Baby sleep sack guide

Sleep sacksSleep sack or baby sleeping bags as they've been known, have continued their rise in popularity and are seen by many parents as the must have accessory for any stylish nursery.

However, there is more to this garment than fashion, many new Mums and Dads claim these bags help them get a good night's sleep but how practical are they and are they safe?

In this article, Maria Pedley from The Dream Bag tackled the top 5 questions most parents want answering before they buy a sleep sack.

1. Safety - Maria said: "They're a really safe thing to use, they stop the covers from going over children's heads which is an important safety aspect." However, remember to follow the feet to foot rule when putting your baby to sleep, place your baby on their back with their feet to the foot of the crib. Never use any other blankets, sheets or other bedding with a sleeping bag and please check on your sleeping baby to ensure they are not overheating.

2. Sleep - Many parents believe the sleeping bags help babies to have a really good sleep. They can't kick the covers off because they're popped and zipped into the sleeping bag so it's effectively a blanket that won't move. This ensures your little one doesn't get cold whilst he or she is dreaming.

3. Tog - This is a European warmth rating. Depending on the weather or the temperature of your nursery or bedroom you can buy three different togs. 0.5 tog for very high summer, foreign holidays or if your baby has a raised temperature, a 1.0 tog for spring into summer and then a 2.5 tog for use during the autumn and winter months.

4. Clothes - Are babygroes or pyjamas still worn? Most sleeping bag companies provide guidelines regarding what to wear. It depends on the temperature of your baby's room and the tog of the sleeping bag.

5. Age range - Baby sleeping bags can be used up until the age of 3. However, latest guidelines suggest newborn babies should not use baby sleeping bags until they reach 10lb in weight.

Please note, health professionals recommend that the ideal room temperature for your baby's nursery is around 16-20°C.

If you wish to take a listen to the full interview with Maria, then click on the podcast page where we've listed the full interview all about baby sleeping bags.

Alternatively, feel free to also visit Maria's website which can be found here at

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