Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Pregnancy timeline: 5 to 8 weeks pregnant

The pregnancy timeline weeks 5 to 8

Pregnancy timeline 5 to 8 weeks pregnantIt's official, the test was positive and you're starting to feel the first signs of of pregnancy being 5 to 8 weeks pregnant.

Week 5 It's at this point that you've probably missed a period by now and you can confirm your pregnancy with a home test. Your baby is now starting to look more like a distinct organism with a top, a bottom, and a front and a back. There's a stripe running down its back called a neural tube one day that will be its brain and spinal chord.

Week 6 The baby's length from crown to rump is 2 to 4 mm and raised levels of progesterone will make you very tired. Meanwhile your baby's brain is growing to fill their head. On the sides of the head two tiny discs of pigment which will become eyes appear. The tiny heart which is just a tube will start beating, and little limb buds will sprout where arms and legs will be.

Week 7 Your baby's length from crown to rump is now 5 to 13 mm. A thick, mucus plug will seal your cervix to close off your uterus now that the pregnancy is underway. The baby's developing basic lungs and tiny nostrils have appeared.

Week 8 Your baby's length from crown to rump is now 14 to 20 mm. You probably won't look pregnant yet, but you should certainly be feeling it. Expect a change in your mood, your partner may notice this first. At this stage your baby is hard at work growing miniscule webbed fingers and toes, an upper lip, and the tip of its nose. The intestines are growing faster than the foetus and this is extending down the umbilical cord.

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