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By Joanne Gallacher

Pregnancy timeline: 9 to 12 weeks pregnant

The pregnancy timeline weeks 9 to 12

Pregnancy timeline 9 to 12 weeks pregnantAs your pregnancy progresses it's time for your first appointment at around 9 to 12 weeks pregnant.

Week 9
At this week your baby's length from crown to rump is 22 to 30 mm. This is the time when you'll probably get your first ultrasound scan. You'll begin to notice changes in your appearance as well. Your skin may be smoother, although you may get outbreaks of spots. Your hair may be less oily and your breasts are getting visibly fuller. Your baby's back is straightening and its tail is shrinking, WHAT! tail, yes tail. This part of your pregnancy is often referred to as the blossoming stage.

Week 10
The baby's length from crown to rump is now 22 to 30 mm. You're getting bigger and it's already time to start reading up on birth choices. Your baby's looking more human now with separate fingers and toes, taste and tooth buds. The heart will be completely developed now, and the good news is that it's out of the danger zone for developing most congenital abnormalities. Phew!

Week 11
At week 11 the baby's length from crown to rump is about 44 to 60 mm. If you need a chorionic villus sampling test, it'll happen around this week. You may feel more sweaty than usual as there's more blood being pumped around your body and your metabolism's speeding up. At this stage of your pregnancy you need to be drinking about eight glasses of water a day. Your baby's ears have moved up from the neck to the sides of the head, and the eyes have moved to the centre of its face. The head is still half of the body length, and the intestines are already working, even though the baby does not use them yet.

Week 12
At week 12 your baby's length from crown to rump is now 61 mm. It's time for your booking appointment. Your uterus will now move up from your pelvis into your abdomen, where there's more room for it to grow. Also, your baby's face is looking much more human now, and it's about this time that toenails and fingernails start to develop. The baby still won't have any control over movements though. The intestines now fit into the body. If it is a boy, his genitals will start changing from their original female state, something which many people think they can see on their first ultrasound scan.

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