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Alessandra Ambrosio reveals post-baby figure

How do they do it: Lose the baby weight so fast?

Hers and Hers! Guess who wants to be just like her Mummy? Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and daughter Anja wear matching party dresses together! How cute.


Well who can blame 3-year-old Anja for wanting to be just like her Mum? Especially as she looks this stunning in a sun dress just weeks after giving birth. Yes, weeks - I know. If I was Anja I would be making sure that not only did I have the same sun-dress as my mum but the same genes too!

Not that many of us are blessed with the "ping back into shape" gene, but it seems the 31-year-old model Alessandra definitely has the good gene gift! However, the Brazilian supermodel isn't back to her miniscule modelling measurements of 34-25-34 yet! But she has set them as her target for the Launch of the Victoria's Secret store in London in July 2012.

Only a few weeks left then... So, how does a model like Alessandra get back into shape after having a baby? Well, if yesterday is anything to go by all it takes is a bit of shopping and yoga! If only! Yesterday, Alessandra was pictured leaving a class with her little blue yoga mat and then in the afternoon she was caught shopping with her daughter, Anja, both wearing gorgeous orange sundresses.

Baby Noah Phoenix, who was born only last month, was left at home as mother and daughter shared some girly time together.


The Victoria secret definitely taught us one thing with this outing. With two other Brazilian supermodels rumoured to be expecting Alessandra has certainly shown how supermodels get back into shape... And, judging by this side shot above, it's been achieved rather effortlessly. If only...

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