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Bruce Willis strolls whilst Andrea Corr carries

To push or carry: That is the question?

So what's the trendy way to carry your baby? Buggy or Sling?

Once upon a time it was all about the pram. In fact people were buying a Bugaboo because Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow had one or were opting for a Quinny because Myleene Klass was pushing one. It didn't matter if the buggies were retro, minimalist, off road or city slick. What mattered was what the celebrities were pushing them and that was what was driving the pushchair market.

Well now there seems to be a new trend, and it's flipped the phrase: "Too posh too push" on its head. No longer is this saying restricted to pregnant celebrities opting for a C-section, now it's about celebrities who prefer to wear their babies than push them around.

This weekend Andrea Corr was seen casually strolling around Dublin, wearing adorable baby Jean in the classic Bjorn Borg baby carrier. Andrea, also adorned in a pair of trainers and black dress, doted over her four month daughter who she named after her late Mother who passed away in 1999. The 38-year-old singer looked very at home in Motherhood as she casually completed some errands around the city centre.

Andrea Corr carries baby Jean

But some still like the Old Skool pushchair approach. And there is no one more Old Skool than Mr Bruce Willis himself, who was pictured strolling around New York with baby Mabel. We still love that name, anyway the adorable 5-month-old was wrapped up in a very trendy set of wheels as she sported the new Stokke city pushchair. She looked quite content as Bruce gave wife Emma Hemming some time off.

Bruce Willis pushes baby Mabel

Baby slings are thought to help parent and child bond and they are a lot easier to get in and out of shop doorways. But buggies do help carry those shopping bags home!

So the jury is out? How do you like to carry your baby? Are you a "pushy" parent or do you prefer to sling it?

Let us know your thoughts. X

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