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Earl Spencer names Daughter after Princess Diana

Earl Spencer welcomes 7th child

It's nice to have a name sake isn't it? Whether you are named after a family member, a hero of your parents. Or an inspiring author.

Princess diana

It's fair to say that it's nice to have a story behind your name. However, for Earl Spencer's 7th child, who he welcomed into the world only last week, her name has more than a story behind it, it has a legend.

Earl Spencer and his third wife Karen have named their baby daughter Charlotte Diana. He told the newspaper The Telegraph: "It's been 15 years since Diana died, I still miss her every day and I wanted her commemorated in the naming of our daughter."

It really is beautiful for the Spencer family to carry on the name of the late Princess Diana. We know the world felt a huge loss when she was tragically killed in 1997 and although it was 15 years ago, we imagine it still hurts like it was yesterday for those who were closest to her.

We only hope the latest Spencer baby brings some joy and happiness to the name Diana once more. As the image below shows Earl Spencer along with the prince's Harry, William, Prince Charles and Prince Philip at the late Diana's funeral. 

Earl Spencer names child after princess diana

Lady Charlotte Diana Spencer was born at the family's ancestral home in Northhamptonshire. She is the first baby to born there since 1973, her birth weight was a healthy 8lb 4oz and both mother and baby are said to be doing well.

Although she will never meet her name sake and auntie, she won't have to go far to hear wonderful stories about her life, her work and her legacy.

Earl Spencer, 48,  has six children from his previous marriages, which both ended in divorce, whereas the Countess has two daughters from her previous marriage to Hollywood producer Mark Gordon.

The Earl, who is the elder brother of the late Princess of Wales, told The Mail on Sunday Charlotte is: "Another little feisty Spencer girl".

But whether she is feisty or not, we know one thing for sure, Lady Charlotte Diana has a wonderful namesake; the People's Princess.

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