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How to have a BLOOMING great family holiday: Miranda Kerr style…

Miranda Kerr steps out of her heels and onto the yacht

This week, the September 2012 edition of Harper's Bazaar has hit the magazine shelves in America.

Inside this month's stylish lifestyle magazine there is a double page photo spread of model Miranda Kerr dressed in nothing but.... a pair of sexy thigh-high boots, this isn't unusual though, I mean we are used to seeing a Victoria's Secret lingerie model in the buff aren't we? 

Look away now if either easily offended or easily jealous. Ha...

Miranda Kerr nude

I mean, under normal circumstances it wouldn't normally be "news" would it? But it just so happens that this photo shoot was published just days after the 29-year-old model successfully stopped some very racy pictures of herself circling the net.

This isn't the first time the model has made headlines with a photo, as she tweeted a picture of her breastfeeding her baby son just after he was born. Is Miranda being a bit hypocritical? Or just a Mother who is looking after her family's best interests.

The photos that were causing a bit of a stir on the world wide web were taken by French photographer Lauren Damont. The images were said to show Kerr in shall we say compromising positions and the mum of one requested they be removed immediately.

So, what does a Top Model do in this situation? Well this Australian model has done the most sensible thing - packed up her troubles, and her old bikini bag, and taken some time out with her husband and baby.

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom on holiday

The stunning brunette and husband Orlando Bloom have been pictured having a  family holiday on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Orlando took some time off from filming "The Hobbit", they made sure baby Flynn was kitted out in holiday essentials such as Bermuda shorts and a trendy straw trilby and they made sure they had a BLOOMING good time! Well it certainly looks that way from the snaps...

Miranda Kerr, Orlando Bloom and baby Flynn on holiday

So what do you think? Do models have the right to say which photographs circle the net? Can you open the door to public interest when it suits you and then shut it when it's not to your taste? Or at the end of the day should we remember these celebrities are wives and mums too, and sometimes people take things a step too far?

And finally, we just had to show you this little pic of baby Flynn. Isn't he a cutie, we think he looks like his mummy in this photo.

Baby Flynn on holiday

So cute! X

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