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SMOG: Smug Mothers Of Girls

Smug Mothers of Girls

Ever heard of the phrase SMOG?

Internet bloggers and mums who use forums call it the Smug Mothers Of Girls, or SMOG. The nickname applies to mothers who adore their daughters, and feel saddened by the prospect of of raising a boy.

It’s long been known that Victoria Beckham was desperate for a daughter before Harper was born and may now become a member of the exclusive SMOG club. Does this mean she would have kept on going if Harper was not a girl?

Smug mothers of girls

Alledgedly, parents are even resorting to travelling abroad for a selected female embryo so they can guarantee the sex of their child, a procedure which is illegal in the UK.

It seems the unhappiness with a child’s gender is so common that it has been given it’s own psychological condition,  ‘gender disappointment’. For some people the condition is so bad that they feel similar symptoms to post natal depression.

And it’s not just common with women either, fathers suffers just as much disappointment but the other way. As they feel distraught not having a boy, and will often not speak to their partner or bond with their new baby for weeks after the birth.

So, what ever happened to the expression “as long as it’s healthy and well” is this the start of the designer baby? Or is it perfectly acceptable to want a boy if you’ve had girls before? or should we just be happy that our new born is well and healthy?

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