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Curley Sue, a bump and a wedding do!


Alisan Porter gives birth to baby Mason

For some of us Curley Sue will always be a cute little girl with waterfall curls and a cheeky smile.

Alisan Porter pregnant

But for Alisan Porter, the actress who landed the role of Curley Sue, times have definitely changed. Not only has the former child star got married, but she did it whilst pregnant!

Alisan, who is now better known as a singer songwriter, wrapped her neat little baby bump in a R-Mine vintage lace dress as she married her friend of 13 years Brian Autentrieth.

The couple first started dating when Alisan was 18, after a short relationship as teenagers they later rekindled their romance in their twenties. And now tying the knot at 30 she had this to say about her long term love "We've been friends 13 years and it is the most incredible feeling to know you are marrying your best friend."

After their wedding ceremony, where Alisan tweeted personal pictures to her fans, the newlyweds shared their first dance to Frank Sinatra’s “Second time around” to acknowledge their recurring romance.

Most women spend months dieting before their big day, but Alisan didn't have to worry about any of that malarkey as she proudly brandished her blossoming bump in her wedding pics. The couples' first child has now been born. Check out the pic below.

They've called him Mason Blaise Autenrieth.

Alison Porter gives birth

Congratulations Guys Xx

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