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Uma Thurman welcomes her third child! And it’s pink!

It's a girl for Uma

Well of course it is pink, babies are aren't they? They are small, wrinkly and pink! But this one also came wrapped in a pink blanket too, as Uma's first baby with boyfriend financier Arpad Busson is a baby girl.

Uma Thurman gives birth

At the time of going to print we have no further details, apart from the fact that it is a girl and as far as we know both baby and Mum are well. But we can pretty much predict what else is going on can't we? They'll be texting the relatives, allowing the older brothers and sisters to come and meet her enjoying the baby cuddles, oohing and aahing.

You know, the usual. Oh apart from that it might just be Ethan Hawke who will be dropping off Uma's two children, 13-year-old Maya and 10-year-old Levon. And who knows, on his way out he might just bump into Elle Macpherson, Arpad's-ex who will be dropping off Arpad's two sons Arpad Junior 14 and Aurelius 9. But I guess that's how it rolls when you are an A-list celebrity couple!

The 42-year-old actress began dating Arpad, who clearly likes his ladies tall, in 2007. After a brief split in 2009 the couple have appeared to be enjoying a content and happy relationship. A source told US weekly back in February that the couple had not planned the pregnancy but were thrilled about having a baby together to unite their families. And Uma has had nothing but positive things to say about Arpad claiming to be "happier than she has been many many years"

And who knows what's in store for this baby... But if she has Mummy's legs and Daddy's business brains the sky is definitely the limit.

Congratulations guys X x

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