About us

After having his first child, Managing Director Peter Gallacher had a dream. Well, kind of. With a background in radio broadcasting Peter felt that families and new parents were lacking a true real voice they could turn to about their parenting needs. Hence My Baby Radio was born.

The reason the idea came about is solely because Peter and wife Joanne found the early days of parenthood a tad tough. He said: “Isabel was our first child, when we was at the hospital she was like a text book baby until we arrived home. Then she just wouldn't stop crying, my wife and I felt as though our lives would never be the same again! What had we done?"

The support they were provided by their health visitor certainly helped but it got Peter thinking about other ways to communicate information and find immediate answers to all of those niggling newborn questions and family issues. Could a radio station solely dedicated to families and new parents possibly be the answer? Something you could just switch on whilst attending to daily parenting duties?

So, after an extensive research and development programme My Baby Radio was born in October 2006. Led by Managing Director Peter Gallacher the passionate team of dedicated real parents have been hard at it ever since.

And since 2006 both the website and digital online radio station has changed loads. It’s gone from being just a home page with a couple of links to a full-scale website and radio station that includes lots of interesting features, interviews, music and competitions. The site is dedicated to families and new parents and listeners can expect to pick up information on everything from sleeping, weaning to ethical parenting and health issues. The radio station also plays a variety of specialist music shows aimed at younger children.

You will also find a selection of celebrity experts on-hand including superfood maestro, Annabel Karmel, ITV's very own Dr. Chris Steele, child psychologist Dr. Tanya Byron and many more.

So, who's the team behind My Baby Radio?

Peter GallacherPeter Gallacher - Managing Director

Peter looks after the day-to-day running of the business side of the website and radio station and makes sure everything is working and running smoothly. You could say that he's the boss, but we wouldn't want him thinking that. If we started calling him boss we'd have nobody to make the tea and coffee.

Joanne GallacherJoanne Gallacher - Broadcast Journalist & Online Editor

Joanne conducts all of the broadcast interviews you hear on the radio station, she also writes a weekly blog on the website and edits most of the daily copy that gets published on the site. You could say Joanne is our 'Ears and Voice' but that makes her sound like Minnie Mouse.

Frances PringleFrances Pringle - Celebrity Writer

Frances is one of our staff writers who looks after all the hot gossip that's going on in the world of celebrity. If a celeb has had a baby or is pregnant then Fran is the first to know about it, and in-turn so are you. When Fran's not writing she's a busy Mum-of-three lovely boys.

Lucie StokerLucie Stoker - Food Writer

Lucie is a food blogger with a passion for fresh flavours and fresh ideas. As the evening draws in and the weekend dawns, Lucie's passion for culinary activity inspires her to make new tasty treats for friends and family.