Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Do wide fitting shoes for children exist?

My wide fitting shoe nightmare

Since my blog about clothes last week I've been having a nightmare with wide fitting shoes. It's not just me that's having problems but the daughters too. Madam number one has really long narrow feet and Madam number two has wide feet!

I shouldn't complain really as I took the second daughter to get her feet measured last week and she's still the same size. To be honest it's saving me a small fortune but I'm paranoid about the lack of growth.

Has anyone ever heard of feet that just grow wide? She won't end up with hobbit shaped feet will she? Wide fitting shoes for children

It's very complicated all this shoe measuring. I didn't realise until I had children that shoes and boots can come in different widths. I thought you had your size and that was it - one width fits all.

It's great news for me as I've had trouble in the past finding knee length boots to fit. I have quite big calves! Not nice but there I've said it.

Wide fitting boots are the way forward for me - I can get myself some trendy footwear but don't feel like one of the Ugly Sisters trying to squeeze my foot into a shoe that's too narrow. I hardly have any shoes to my name - my poor wardrobe is becoming a running feature of my blog posts! I have one pair of knee high boots but they are brown so not as practical as black and don't go with as many outfits.

I have one smart pair of heels and one pair of trainers which are too narrow. I thought I'd beaten the system and buy a size 5 from the children's department - big mistake. They mustn't be as wide as an adult's pair of size 5 trainers. So, I've been in agony.

Obviously the exercise class I'd bought them for has had to stop and I can't start my planned jogging regime until I buy a wider pair. Well, that's my excuse anyway... At the moment I don't have the spare money to splash out on said pair, nor the motivation to be honest. The lack of exercise gets me down, so I control my frustrations with a chocolate bar.

Can you see a pattern emerging? Just look at the trouble I've got myself in to - and all because I need wide fitting shoes.

Who'd have thought that the width of my shoes would cause me a lifestyle headache? I should take a leaf out of Daughter number two's book, if she likes a pair of sparkly shoes she wears them - regardless of the size! She's always pinching her big sisters and last week we had a full on temper tantrum as she wanted to wear ballet pumps with diamond effect stones to go to bed! If only I had the courage she has. Bless. x

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