Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

First days of school: From a mother’s point of view

My first day at school 

First days of school can be daunting, especially for your little cherubs. My baby girl has started school! My little 3-year-old woke up and declared she was bigger, her hair longer and she was READY!

Why are children so keen to jump off their mother’s knee?

I’m lucky; my bundle of curls was very excited and went in happily. There were a few tears from others and children were being taken out of their Mum’s arms. This is only for a couple of hours as well; imagine how those little evacuees must’ve felt during World War 2?

Anyway, not helpful Joanne to mention (death and destruction) in the same sentence as starting school.

She looks adorable in her royal blue school uniform and shiny black patent shoes. Her hair’s been cut into a nice curly bob (the husband is in a mood as he wants it up for fear of nits.)  She has been practising what to say to her teachers too. I’m just hoping there are no accidents and she remembers to go to the toilet.

my first day at school

They stagger the intake of the children and she won’t be in again until next week. And this will infuriate her, although her big sister would be delighted if she did a day and then missed a few.

However, my main concern this morning was that she wasn’t taking a lunchbox. She was beside herself to see me making sandwiches for her sister and none for her. I wouldn’t mind but she was never a huge fan of sandwiches. That was until I strayed away from the cheese butty and made humous wraps or brown bread sandwiches with soft cheese and chopped olives added – she loves them!

Finally, something she will eat! I had no idea children’s lunch boxes could be so exciting and there are so many to choose from! Daughter number one still has Hello Kitty but is keen on One Direction but with so many different ones out there I’d prefer a pretty floral number myself!

It’s hard as a mum to try and ensure they have healthy lunchboxesno crisps and chocolate allowed. Although I’m a big believer in everything in moderation, I do think if I can get them to leave the treats for home time, I’ve won a small personal victory.

My eldest daughter is great with fruit and vegetables, but my youngest is so good. However, the eldest has been getting comments from other girls when she’s pulled out her healthy side salad recently. She has her sandwiches but then I make her a salad too. In fact she’s been getting lots of nasty remarks – but I’m proud that she eats so healthily and I know I’m lucky that she does.

My youngest isn’t as healthy! However, I am finding that she eats better when going to after-school club in the afternoon. I think peer pressure is making her eat up! Ha - Finally!

Maybe I won’t have anything to worry about soon. Especially if Nick Clegg gets his way, as free school meals entitlement will be available to all families living in England. The Deputy PM has announced that from September 2014 youngsters will get free dinners whatever their family’s income.

Meaning that an extra 1.5 million children will get free school meals eligibility, regardless of their family's income. Good ay...

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