Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Goodwill to all men BAH Scrooge!

We wish you a merry....

Christingle serviceI took the daughter to church on Sunday as there was a Christingle service on for families. It’s the one where the children receive an orange with a candle in it. I thought the daughter might enjoy it.

It was certainly eventful.

When we first arrived the organist was playing. The daughter asked “Is that the fairies?.”

Then when the vicar came out she wanted to know if he was Father Christmas! When we prayed she wanted to know why he wasn’t talking - all of the questions were being asked in a very loud and high-pitched voice.

So, it was time for her to receive her orange, she took it gratefully and asked “Can I eat it”.

We had to walk around in a circle with the church lights all off and the candles looked absolutely magical.

It was then time for us to go back to our seats and a collection plate was passed around during a hymn. I gave the daughter some money to add to the plate. She did so with relish but then as the plate was passed down the line again she shouted “I want my money back”. The shame!

At least we made it safely home without any mishaps - or so I thought. When I took her coat off she’d stuffed about 20 church donation envelopes into her pocket. Thankfully they were empty but I still took them back the next day - I was worried I might get struck down.

It’s still Bah Humbug in our house with the husband. I bought little gifts for the daughter’s playschool teachers. They cost very little indeed but he took one look and said “More money being spent Joanne”.

I’m not asking him for more money - he hasn’t given me a penny extra to buy Christmas gifts nor will he think that a Christmas supermarket shop will be more expensie than normal.

He says it’s not about buying presents - he’s right to a point. BUT, it is about remembering people and showing kindness and certainly it’s about putting a bloody smile on your face.

I hope he gets into the Christmas mood soon. Or I'll be putting him outside on Christmas day.

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