Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Jordan and Peter call it a day.

It's goodnight from her, and goodnight from him!

What about Jordan and Peter Andre - they’ve split up! Have they or is it a publicity stunt? Surely nobody would do that as a publicity stunt!

I’ve watched their progamme a couple of times and she can seem as common as muck but I do like him and they both seem to be caring parents. They are both marvellous with Harvey who has disabilities.

It’s a shame for the kids but if they’re not getting on maybe it’s for the best.

Their little boy Junior is quite funny at times. It’s sad when any relationship breaks down but if it’s not right.

One relationship I wish would break down is that of the daughter and her friend Annie.

I’ve mentioned before that the daughter has an imaginary friend called Annie. She is still around and driving us mad - well me actually. She’s very naughty is Annie!

The daughter swore at the dinner table. We were all sat chatting and we heard “ohhh bloody hell”. I told her not to swear and she said “I’m just telling you what Annie said”.

Then she ran off, she was told off again and she replied “Annie told me to run”.

If this carries on I’ll have to take her to see a child psychologist!

I explained that Annie is naughty and I’ll have to stop the daughter from playing with her. She thought it over and said “Annie’s Mummy has been to see me and she says she’s not naughty all of the time”.

Then this morning she said “Mummy, I haven’t said bloody hell today”.

I am despairing! My friend told me to start telling Annie off too.

Can you imagine - having to march this imaginary being into a corner to have time out!

Anyone have any suggestions?

The daughter is so bossy too. I was talking to our neighbour yesterday and the daughter said, pointing at our house “Mummy you live in here not there”.

That’s me told!

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