Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Mum’s emotional breakdown!

Warning! Mum having a breakdown!

Had a major emotional meltdown on Wednesday - didn’t last to long but I was very weepy and I’ve been good all pregnancy too!!

Feel as though my hair is a mess - am contemplating having it all chopped off! I do this all of the time, grow it, cut it, grow it, cut it. I think I may have an addiction to the hairdresser’s scissors.

It’s quite long and naturally curly, I normally straighten it but I just cannot be bothered. The husband keeps telling me not to cut it off but I keep getting other comments such as: “Oh, your hair is getting long now isn’t it.” Code for - get it cut!

I also got told I looked like “Witchy poo” - not quite so diplomatic!

The husband has also been ill all over Christmas with a bad cold so we’ve been nowhere and not really seen anyone.

He gets really down when he’s ill too and just drags me down with him.

Feel fat and frumpy, am tired and I ache around my hips and back.

I am in a panic that the baby has no nursery yet and although this is baby number two - so I have most of the things I need they are all dotted around all over the place. I am majorly stressed that he/ she doesn’t have a wardrobe -  aaahh.

Sorry for the moan - this is a very, very much wanted second baby so I should count my blessings - HAPPY NEW YEAR! XX

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  1. Thanks for your support Helen - glad someone else knows how I feel!

    Added by Joanne 15th January 2010 - 12:24
  2. Hi

    Oh that post did make me laugh. I’m famous for cutting my hair short during pregnancy. The early weeks - too rough to care. The mid trimester - lets grow it long, and luscious as I am an earth mother, I want to wear flowers in it and plait it across my head. Last few weeks - Oh. My. God. If I dont chop this irritating hair off RIGHT NOW, I’m leaving you, the children and myself. I sat in Tony&Guy (first and last visit) and demanded a ‘Pob’ even though my blonde hair was down my back - ‘um, are you sure? enquires the nervous looking junior (lets assume he has never had the joy of dealing with a 38 week pregnant angry mum of a toddler before) ‘please just do it’ ‘and quick’ I was a woman on the edge on so many levels.

    Loved it though - in fact might have another short do next time

    Keep up the great blogging!

    Helen x

    Added by Helen Pritchard 14th January 2010 - 21:28

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