Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

My parent anxiety over child illness

Anxiety over child illness drives me mad

Once you become a parent you quickly develop a dis-taste for germs. They are like stealthed ninja's creeping about out of nowhere bringing chaos in the shape of raging temperatures, coughs and sneezes. You can be riding along enjoying the relative calm and then WHAM! your back to nursing a poorly child again...

Sometimes at an alarmingly frequency as although children often struggle to share their much possessions, when it comes to germs they are more than happy to share the love.


In your arsenary against germs I recommend unlimited cuddles, lots of sleep, a decent thermometer, a well stocked medicine cupboard and possibly a subscription to Netflix as it was the non-stop Dora episodes that got the youngest through his last illness! 

My disclaimer: I am a natural worrier, once they show the slightest sign of ailing; I start googling symptoms, never a great idea. You always feel more unnerved than when you started out. I should really go to the doctors and have my blood pressure checked out as my white hairs are developing - I think I might be slightly on the stressed side!!! Hubbie copes with illness amicably, he is calm and reasoned, I am like a woman possessed!!!

Doing constant temperature checks, debating the need of a doctor, then back to google, and then ringing hubbie in a panic can you just come home and double check for me...

To top it off we are not only fighting real germs, we also have the phantom ones to deal with... these are the ones children quickly learn are great to have if you fancy a day off school and want to lounge about in their PJ's playing on the Wii. My friend got caught out recently; after a day spent at home in the evening her son admitted under questioning he was not really ill with a stomach ache at all but had just fancied staying at home. As parents we do have to wise up quick... Because frankly children surprise me in how crafty they can be at a very young age! Make sure your children are hopefully happy, well-exercised and eating lots of fruit and vegetables and hopefully your next battle with germs will be short lived! That's the plan anyway, but until the youngest stops some of his favourite germ attracting habits, such as picking his nose along with his friends and putting everything in his mouth, I shall need to learn to weather the storm! Please tell me I'm not the only one who feels this way. Please!!!

This post was written by guest blogger Karen Langridge, proud mummy of two little boys, hopeless cook and lover of cake she also loves sharing her mummy experiences with others.

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