Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Nanas love, or is that ‘Nanas love’ of wool: Me thinks the latter!

Nan's car booty - there's gold in that there junk ya know!

Spring is in the air - well it's supposed to be, so we're having a clear out. We have so much to sort through. We have clothes which are too small for the girls and a bungalow full of Nik Naks from my Grandmother's bungalow. She fell and broke her hip last year so we've had a de-clutter.

She's currently knitting. She's done a bad ass Noddy for the two year old boy grandchild and she's currently making three dollies for two of the granddaughters including my girls.dollies for two of the granddaughters including my girls.  nanas-love-550×500.jpg

Her talent is amazing - I really wish I could knit but I'm not patient at all. I'm of the mindset it'll do. Whilst Nana dearest will stop and do it again if it is not perfect - although not sure how bad ass Noddy got through quality control!

Her small one bedroom bungalow was like a Tardis - we had so much from her shed outside that we had quite a crowd gawping. I could sense the admiring glances and the hushed words - "How had the old lady managed to pack so much in there. She must truly be a maestro of hording." She's 86 and from the era where they had very little - she tells my daughters and their cousins that Father Christmas never brought her a baby doll. Maybe that's why she likes to keep everything.

Strangely though, the majority of her wares are from one or another pound shop. She thinks because these things have only cost a quid they're a bargain - not if you're not going to use them they're not! Last week her screams could be heard around the neighbourhood as I'd hoovered up a precious small ball of cream wool.

She thought it was funny when she believed it was fluff stuck in the rollers but when she realised her needles were moving slower and the wool getting tighter her glasses steamed up and lips tightened. Luckily, the daughters were there to diffuse the situation. Her most precious possessions are her wool and plants! The Nana loves the grandchildren - well they're her Great Grandchildren actually. She has 11! They all love spending time in her bungalow and on average 3 grown up Granddaughters and 8 great grandchildren from 2 - 13 descend on her small home most Sundays.

The kids love going there to a countless stream of crisps, sweets and pop! Her answer to everything is food. A temper tantrum is rewarded with a bag of crisps (to stop the tears). A fight must have started through lack of sugar - a packet of chocolate for BOTH offenders should suffice and so it carries on. Even when her walking sticks are being used as weapons of mass destruction and her wheelchair is a toddler's alternative mode of transport, she sits on the sofa surrounded by wool, clicking knitting needles and smiling!

I remember she was soft with us when we were growing up but we'd still get disciplined. Our band of merrymen seem to get away with murder. Has she mellowed? Does she just want to be loved or is it the deafness? She says she can hear perfectly but she can't and she refuses to wear the hearing aids she's been fitted with - maybe there lies the answer. Well loved actress Nanette Newman admitted in an interview with My Baby Radio that she indulges in her grandchildren and makes excuses for them - and there lies the confession!! Anyway, back to the clear out. The sister in law and I went to do a car boot sale - we're fair weather booters and we had our clandestine meeting place on the proviso that the sun was shining.

We were duped - the sun was in the sky but it was freezing!! We stood for about 5 hours and I think we made around £80 - I thought that was quite a lot but the husband was quite scathing upon my return! We were only selling things for £1 and 50p and now I think I may have been too cheap! The sister in law asked for 50p for 8 glass candle holders.

The looter, in my opinion, offered 30p and when she stuck to her fair and cheap price he walked off. I think we should have just stood there for 5 hours and given things away. I also hate the way they descend on you when you first arrive. I'd forgotten the six-year-old's scooter was in the boot and that was nearly gone for the statutory 50p! So scrupulous are these booters that for 50p they also wanted a carrier bag! I'm afraid here in Wales we're charged 5p for bags and I wouldn't want to break the law so you'll owe me 55p!

I think they were also expecting points on their reward cards and BUY ONE GET ONE FREE offers! What we didn't sell has been put on ebay - again I don't know much about this so the sister-in-law has been given the task. The whole thing is so bloody stressful I wonder if we would've been better off donating it to charity. I may be worse off finacially but I would've got a lie-in on Sunday, the sister-in-law wouldn't be at the beck and call of Royal Mail posting parcels and  my stress levels would be lower. Maybe giving to charity is better for your health but as my Nan always says... "Charity begins at home." AAAHHH I'm torn. To do another one or not, that is the question?!

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