Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Sleep routines for you and your baby

How to get your baby into good sleep routines

Sleep routinesSleep deprivation is one of the most difficult parts of parenthood. For many, it is something they never get used to.

Eight hour sleeping patterns no longer exist for the first few months especially.

In this interview we spoke to Sasha Miller, Editor at about formulating good sleep routines.

Sasha said: Of all the topics in our baby section, SLEEP is the one that gets the most traffic. I think everybody needs a bit of help with baby sleep”. She also added: “Problems start from the beginning because your expectations are too high, in the early days they have to wake up and feed. In the early weeks you have to be prepared to do that.”

To hear some great advice on getting your baby into a good sleep routine, just click on the podcast listed below. Many frequently asked questions about sleep routines are answered within this interview.

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