Peter Gallacher
By Peter Gallacher

Child issues, do celebrity mums have them too?

Child issues, can we put them right?

Child issuesWith time, we all face the same child issues as our own parents.

The phrase ‘when I was your age’ is a phrase used hundreds of times a week by most parents, but a new study into the difference between the child issues and what we did as children compared to today’s generations shows the gap is more pronounced than ever before.

Actress Tamzin Outhwaite is Mummy to Florence and knows already that she doesn’t want her doing what she did when she was younger! Do we all feel the same way?

The Ex-EastEnder has been involved in a study, which asked parents a number of questions on what they were allowed to do as youngsters in comparison to what they will let their own children do now. The findings were staggering!

While over 40% of parents surveyed said between the ages of six and 10 they went out on their own, only 14% would allow their own children to do the same today.

Furthermore, the research by Start Rite Shoes showed only a fifth of parents would let their children walk to school on their own, despite the fact well over half of parents did so themselves at the same age.

In this podcast, Tamzin asks if parents really understand the issues of their children growing up in a very different world and how can you find a balance between looking after your child’s well-being and wrapping them in cotton wool?

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