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Christening v Naming Ceremonies

 Christening naming ceremony

Christening naming ceremonyMany parents want to officially welcome their children into the family fold. However, not all want to go down the traditional route of a Church Christening.

So, what about a christening naming ceremony? Let me explain, more and more people have decided to hold a Naming Ceremony. It is very similar to a baptism but does not have the religious element. Rather than welcoming the child into the church, parents choose to welcome them into their family and community.

In this interview listed below Rachel Fry discusses the two traditions and has advice for parents planning such a celebration!

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  1. An alternative to infant baptism or christening is a naming ceremony.  This is a celebration of the new child and can be of a religious nature, known as a dedication. However, it can also be a non-religious occasion such as a humanist baby naming ceremony. These ceremonies are often known as Dedication or Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child ceremony.

    There is no need to have been or be a formal member of a church to have a Naming and Thanksgiving Ceremony, as this is an alternative to church christening or baptism.

    Added by Gina Joy 25th February 2014 - 13:15

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