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By Peter Gallacher

Liz McClarnon - Atomic Kitten

Liz Mclarnon talks love life and babies

Liz atomic kittenIn this interview we spoke to Liz Mclarnon former band member with Atomic Kitten about love, life, music and babies.

Plus, the former Atomic Kitten won the 2008 Celebrity Masterchef and told us what it was like to appear on the TV show.

Amongst the usual gossip we also spoke to Liz about looking after your teeth, we often tell our children to do this but are we doing it ourselves.

DID YOU KNOW…68% of people think naturally white teeth look better than bleached/professionally whitened teeth and a fifth of Brits admit to “Smile Shame” and to covering their mouths when smiling or laughing. 17% of people are embarrassed when people see their teeth and 22% of Brits only brush their teeth once a day with 365,000 only brushing once every 3-4 days.

It’s not just stained teeth that add on the years. At the other extreme, women with unnaturally bleached white teeth were rated as looking older than they did with natural, healthy looking teeth.

Two thirds of those questioned thought naturally white teeth look better than those which are bleached or professionally whitened. 

To hear Liz’s interview just click below.

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