Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Why babies cry and how to deal with it

When babies cry: The solutions

Why babies cryParenting can be extremely hard especially when babies cry, as it’s sometimes hard to understand what they need and can be very distressing.

And this was no exception for American mother and author Elizabeth Pantley.

Elizabeth has now written a wealth of books and has advice in this interview about No-Cry Solutions for Sleeping, Potty Training and Tantrums - to name but a few.

After her fourth child was born, Elizabeth?s priorities changed and she realised what an important job parenting is especially when babies cry. The question though, is do we know why babies cry?

She said It started me on a mission to help other parents do their best job as well". Elizabeth explains why ALL children need bedtime routines and why some parents just don’t help themselves, harsh words maybe but Elizabeth believes we all need routines. To hear more listen to the podcast listed below.

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