Peter Gallacher
By Peter Gallacher

Risks of caesarean section, what you should know

 Risks of C Section

Risks of c sectionIn light of the recent change to public health offering planned caesarean sections on the NHS.
We spoke to a midwife about the risks of c section and what these changes could really mean.

The draft proposals put forward by NICE - “The National Institute of Clinical Excellence” have since been approved.
However, medical professionals have raised concerns, citing the proposals could cost the health service a lot of money and risk the health of both mother and baby.

Although the proposals are to help mothers with a real fear of giving birth. Or, who have a medical reason why they can not give birth naturally. It’s thought that ‘the right for mothers to choose how they give birth’ may be abused, and that some mothers may opt for a c section even if they genuinely do not need one.

Listed below is the interview about this ongoing debate.

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