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By Peter Gallacher

Routines for children

Importance of routines for children

Importance of routines for childrenMany mums are trying to juggle careers and parenthood. It’s a stressful time for many, trying to bring in the money and be the perfect Mummy. However, no matter how busy you are the importance of routines for children is still very important.

In this interview we spoke to Mum-of-four Colleen Langenfeld about many things including routines for children.

She explains why mums need support too and she urges us to all STOP FEELING GUILTY!

But don’t fret, she has some fantastic tips on coping with the stresses of life and how to get your children - of all ages - into a routine which works for everyone. Yes, routines for children can be hard but believe me, this lady is a master at routines and takes no prisoners from children when they step out of line. And it works!

From planning homework, chores around the house to running errands Colleen has some great ideas and will even inspire you to make a change today. Colleen is based in Colorado in the United States and as well as being “Mom” to her children aged 26 - 8 years, she also runs a parenting website called

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