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By Joanne Gallacher

Suzanne Shaw talks Cotton Wool Kids

Suzanne Shaw talks babies

Suzanne shaw babiesToday’s children have become a nation of “cotton wool kids”.

This is according to latest research that they may have designer clothes, computer games, iPods and mobile phones, but they are being denied the freedom to play outside on their own that previous generations all took for granted.

Former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw has a son. She told us she agreed with the findings.

The research by Vtech provides a stark contrast between the freedom and space parents grew up with and the shrinking world of childhood today. Despite 81% of parents saying they were allowed to go and play outside alone or with friends in their local park or playground under the age of 11, they would not allow their own children to do the same for fear of their children’s safety.

In this interview listed below Suzanne discusses her safety fears. She is joined by Psychologist Anjula Mutanda.

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