Peter Gallacher
By Peter Gallacher

Breastfeeding help video

Breastfeeding video offering help for new mums

A recent study by Philips AVENT of 2,000 new mums has put together a video on breastfeeding help. This is because the study revealed that three quarters of these mums wanted to breastfeed as they felt it was the best thing for their child’s health and immune system.

67 per cent said it created a unique and close bond between them and their baby. However, nearly a fifth of the women surveyed stopped breastfeeding before they wanted to as they felt they couldn’t continue.

In this short film new mums and (mums to be) share their experiences and expectations of breastfeeding with advice from Vicki Scott, a trained midwife and baby feeding advisor. The video was put together to mark the National Breastfeeding Awareness Week. More details about this can be found here.

The mums in the video discuss their breastfeeding experiences and expectations. Including whether they wish to express milk and how to get the baby into a routine. Whether you’re a new mum or considering breastfeeding the video is definitely worth a watch. Enjoy!

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