Peter Gallacher
By Peter Gallacher

Eggs breakfast anybody

eggs-breakfast.jpgDo you or a member of your family have eggs breakfast? Do you think you have a high diet or low diet? It's been more than 50 years since the iconic advert with comedian Tony Hancock where he advised people to "go to work on an egg". As a nation, we currently eat 28 million eggs a day - between two and three per person a week. It's thought the myth about the need to limit your egg intake should have led to the consumption of eggs in the UK being amongst the lowest in the world. One of the biggest myths - a belief held by around HALF of the population - is that people shouldn't eat more than three eggs a week. However, new research from a team at Surrey University published in The European Journal of Nutrition this week, shows people who ate two eggs a day and watched the other foods they ate, not only lost weight, but reduced their blood cholesterol levels too. is this because we feel more full? In this video the man who headed the research team, Dr Bruce Griffin reveals more.

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