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Tommy Walsh on home improvements

Ground force Tommy Walsh offers home improvement tips

Ground Force Tommy WalshThe days of spiralling house prices appear to be over, which means that 2008 looks set to be the year to improve, not move.

But it would seem that pressure from building works causes Brit’s blood to boil, and that we are letting the home become more of a hell than a haven. New research shows that 60 per cent of us say the whole process of improving our home leaves us feeling stressed out and that this has had an effect on our love lives and work.

Relationships were placed under exceptional strain with a fifth of people admitting they become more argumentative, irritable, intolerant and short tempered with their partner when work is being carried out around the home.

Ironically, loved ones can actually make the situation worse when they try to help out. Almost 2 in 5 of those who asked for assistance from a family member or friend ended up regretting the decision saying they would think twice about asking for help again!

Unfortunately this all seems to have spread to the workplace with almost a third of home improvers feeling the strain at work too. The stress at home has left them feeling exhausted and unable to concentrate properly.

In this video, not only does celebrity psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos explain why building work leaves us stressed , but also Ground force Tommy Walsh gives some unusual tips to help you cope when having work done on your home.

If you’re planning on decorating a nursery, extending your home or just want some top tips - then watch this video listed below.

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