Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Brits holiday regardless

Why brits love UK holidays

Brits love uk holidaysBrits still want to holiday abroad despite financial worries and threats of redundancy.
According to a recent travel industry survey, 88% of Britons are willing to make cutbacks in most areas of their lives but not when it comes to going on holiday.

January 2009 has seen the euro soar meaning many families wanting to holiday in Europe won’t get as much for their money.However, holiday expert Tim Williamson said people are still booking holidays.

“It’s been surprisingly bouyant. [After Christmas] is normally our busiest time but actually holidays are viewed very much as a necessity. They are a time when families re-bond….they’re not a luxury so the bookings are strong and people are saying that they want to go on holiday.

We’re putting on more holidays to Egypt and Turkey and more all inclusive holidays so they know they can plan their budgets better and also more 10 and 11 night holidays".

Travel Industry expert Frances Tuke added that people are looking to holiday in different places.

“We are seeing that more people are booking for non euro countries so places like Croatia, Bulgaria and even Tunisia but particularly Egypt and Turkey this year. People do know that they can get great value for money in those destinations.”

Frances said she would advice travellers to make sure their holidays are protected.

“If you book a package holiday it has to be financially protected under the law and if you’re booking a holiday with a flight it has to be ATOL protected so certainly look out for that.

“I think package holidays for families are really well designed.”

However, many families won’t be able to afford to travel abroad this year and may choose to holiday in the UK.

“The UK does offer a good, convenient product,” said Frances Tuke.

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