Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Disabled parents with children gain more support

Help for parents who have disabilities

disabled-parents-with-children-195×180.jpgChild Welfare workers believe people who are physically disabled are not competent enough to look after their child.

Parents living with disabilities have hit back claiming that support workers immediately assume that they are incapable of looking after their own child.

Specifically, two parents from Toronto, Canada who had their first child last month have been under fire. Both parents have cerebral palsy (CP), a condition which impaires speech, movement and muscle control.

Around 500 babies, and 1 in 3 premature babies are affected by CP. Workers from Peel Region Children's Aid Society wanted to step in straight away and give custody of the child to a foster home.

It was then that the parents spoke up, along with friends forcing the Children's Aid Society to back off. However, they only let the child go home when friends of the parents said they were going to pay for a full-time carer to live in the family home.

There is a follow-up meeting to be held which will determine what happens next. There has been a call for the Children's Aid Society to fully assess the disabilities of the parents, and the help they will be receiving before automatically taking charge of their children.

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