Joanne Gallacher
By Joanne Gallacher

Mothers poledance to fitness!

Poledancing mums

poledancing mumsMums across the country are tapping into a growing passion for pole-dancing!

The unlikely exercise has become a hit amongst mothers keen to lose some weight, have fun and feel sexier after giving birth.

Website, MUMSCLICK, put a stiletto-clad toe into the world of pole-dancing and discovered a hidden, secret passion amongst mothers.

The site’s founders, Nikki de Bruin and Caroline Howd, gave their children an early meal and hot-footed it along to a pole-dancing class given by Polestars at the Circle Bar in Clapham.

To their surprise, having donned the required hot-pants and heels, grasped the shiny pole with their legs and perfected the kind of come hither smiles that should normally be preserved for their husbands, their fellow pole-dancers were not all young women in their teens and early 20s but a proud and enthusiastic group of mostly thirty year olds.

Intrigued by this maturer age-profile they posted their pole-dancing exploits on their MUMSCLICK site. They were then overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response they got from mothers of all ages describing how they either do or would love to pole dance. The story is the most read of all the articles published on the website.

Megan Maurice, a senior instructor at Polestars commented “While Polestars classes are open to all women over 18. Ninety per cent of our clients are between 25 and 35. We think this is because women of this age are starting to develop more confidence in themselves. In classes I teach, I always ask the women at the start to share with the group why they wanted to start pole dancing. I always have at least one or two women who have joined to lose weight after having a baby. It is becoming a very popular fitness trend for new mums, as it is such a great toning exercise.”

And certainly pole-dancing helps to keep women fitter, healthier - and of course, sexier too! In fact it’s the perfect exercise choice for getting back into shape after having a baby since it builds core body strength and tones at the same time.”

Caroline Howd added: “We were surprised to see so many older women at the class. And this is what led us to put the story on the site. To date this has been the most enthusiastic response we have had to a topic.”

Nikki adds that “It’s so encouraging to see that just because women are mothers it doesn’t mean they no longer want to have a bit of fun - and feel sexy too. It’s good news all round really. We certainly haven’t heard of any husbands complaining!”

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