Help tuning in

If you are having trouble listening to this radio station (accessed via the "LISTEN LIVE" icon at the top middle of our website), then try using one of our other tune in options listed below.

Simply click one of the player images, from left to right is our new universal Flash Player ideal for mac users, Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player and Quicktime Player.

Flash playerWinamp playerWindows playerReal playerQuicktime player

Once chosen and clicked, you should then be able to access our live stream.

If you are still having trouble, we also recommend that you first download the most up to date versions of the above mentioned players by clicking the links below.

*Flash player

* Mac or Safari windows plug in

* WinAmp Player

* Windows Media Player

* Real Player

* Quicktime Player

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone or Blackberry then we highly recommend the following applications listed below. Just search for My Baby Radio when you've downloaded the apps.


* TuneIn Radio - Great app with neat and cool design, you can also visit our site, twitter account and facebook page from this app. with option to visit website.

* WunderRadio - Access Satellite radio, broadband Internet, railway and weather stations.


* WunderRadio - Access Satellite radio, Internet, railway and weather stations.


1. Ensure your firewall software is configured to allow HTTP streaming, plus check to make sure your chosen media player has been granted permission to access the internet. Also, make sure your PC/MAC has POP UPS activated when viewing our website as the TUNE IN player is a pop up player and won't play if you have this feature de-activated.

2. Make sure your internet connection is functioning properly, from time to time it may become necessary to reconnect to the internet or to reboot your modem/router, in order to restore correct functionality.

3. If you are in work, school, college, library or any other public network, please ensure that the computer you are using has been set up to allow streaming audio. The network administrator may have disabled this feature for network security reasons.

4. Make sure you have the latest version of all software, you can download the latest media players using the links above.

5. Try connecting for a second time! Sometimes streaming can be disturbed by other internet activity (downloading a file or accessing another web page). This happens most in the case of low speed connections such as dial-up internet, but could easily happen on any internet connection.


1. REAL PLAYER: If your stream keeps buffering and you can't listen for long periods of time...In Real Player, go to the "Tools" menu, then go to "Preferences," under the "Content" menu you will find "Playback Settings". Find where it says "Buffered Play". If it is set to 60 seconds you should not have a problem streaming our station.

2. WINAMP PLAYER: Click in the upper left hand corner to bring down the menu. Go to "Options", then "Preferences", under "Plugins" you select the "Input" plugin. Click on that and it brings up a list of encoders. Select the "Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder" and click "Configure". Then you go to the "Streaming" tab. Change "Streaming Data Buffer" to a higher bitrate like 128. Click "OK" to finish.

3. WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER: Go to the top bar and click "Tools", then "Options", and then go to the "Performance" tab. In that screen you select your modem speed, and then select a buffer of around 60 seconds. Click "Apply" and then "OK".

If you are still having problems it may be time to check the simple things, are you still connected to the internet? Are your speakers turned on? Do you have any media players installed on your system as default? this can often stop the stream playing.

If you still cannot tune in then please feel free to drop us a line by clicking the contact us page at the bottom of the website.