Ovulation and Due Dates

Ovulation Dates

ovulation datesIf you’d like to find out your ovulation dates then why not use our ovulation calculator listed below. Hopefully this will help increase your chances of getting pregnant.

If you can tell us the first day of your last period and how long your cycle usually lasts we will then calculate when you’re most likely to be fertile, including an actual due date.

SPECIAL NOTICE: These calculations are approximate dates only and assume a regular menstrual cycle.

We sincerely wish you and yours the very best of luck in getting pregnant, before you leave this page please feel free to comment about what you thought of the calculator and how you got on.

Another great calculator to find out when you’re most fertile and plan your pregnancy can be found at the pregnancy calendar on TheBabyWebsite.com

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  1. Hi I gave birth 23.5.07 with a girl and I have not been pregnant, now I am planning to get pregnant.

    Added by elvit 10th September 2009 - 14:48
  2. good luck

    Added by shawna denise jefferson 15th June 2009 - 18:59
  3. I wouldn’t worry Toke. It takes a while for your body to get back to normal.

    Added by Joanne 19th May 2009 - 16:02
  4. I gave birth to my last child 16 feb. 07. I dont use any form of contraception and I have not been pregnant after then. Is there any cause for alarm yet or it is a normal development

    Added by toke 19th May 2009 - 15:27
  5. Today, my daughter is 1 years old. We’re waiting for another one, according to the calculation on this site, the estimated due date is August 21th, 2009 and our Gynecologist told us August 22th, 2009, it was fun to use this tool.

    Added by ardotg 3rd February 2009 - 01:52

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