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By Frances Pringle

Adele announces Pregnancy!

The tables have finally turned for Adele

She has made millions by singing about heartbreak, but finally Adele has some good news to sing about! Over the weekend the 24-year-old singer revealed the news about her pregnancy to fans via her blog listed below.


Adele and Boyfriend Simon Konecki started dating last summer and have admitted it has been a world-wind-romance. However, Adele only has wonderful things to say about the 36-year-old entrepreneur, as she told Vogue: "He's wonderful. And he's proud of me, but he don't care about what I do or what other people think. He looks after me".


Adele's ever-growing success in the music industry has blown everyone away. She has earned global recognition, collected many awards and won over critics as well as the hearts and minds of our nation. And now, finally, it seems things in her personal life are finally falling into place too.

Looks like this Essex girl really "Could Have It All" So what do you do when you are a millionaire songstress and you've just announced your pregnancy? Most regular mums-to-be start planning how to decorate the nursery, but not Adele, she is planning where to build it! The Grammy winner has a £7 million pound mansion in Sussex, UK and has reportedly started renovating it to ensure the nursery is next to her bedroom. The singer has reportedly said she wants 3 sons before she's 30 - well this has first one has truly started the ball rolling. We wish her all the very best of luck! Xx Now, do you fancy a little reminder of Adele's powerful dulcet tones? As all parents know, it's always a bonus to have a good singing voice when you want to get your baby off to sleep. Check out the video below of her singing live at The Royal Albert Hall, London. We thinks the baby will always have goose bumps when mummy sings. Enjoy!

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