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“Out With The Heels” says Outhwaite!

Tamzin Outhwaite tweets about pregnancy and shoes!

There are a lot of things you forget about pregnancy... That's why some of us are crazy enough to fall pregnant again! However, there is one thing pregnant women never forget about - swollen feet and sensible shoes!

Tamzin Outhwaite baby shoes

Yes ladies those poor little tootsies need looking after.

There are things we a prepared to give up when we find out we are pregnant, like alcohol, soft cheese and high impact exercise.  

But there are some things that weren't in the contract; for some women, hanging up the heels is one of them.

But with this being her second pregnancy, 41-year-old Tamzin Outhwaite knows that the best way to look after your feet when expecting is to wear a pair of sensible shoes - flats to be exact, as she let her fans choose between two pairs of ballet pumps earlier on in this week.

Tamzin Outhwaite pregnancy shoes

The award winning actress isn't the only celebrity to publicly ditch the heels during pregnancy. Nick Cannon famously bought Mariah Carey 20 pairs of flat shoes when she was pregnant, in an attempt to coax the glamorous pop-star out of her beloved heels.

And Victoria Beckham, the queen of heels, was papped on her first shopping trip with Harper Seven, eight weeks after giving birth, in a pair of ballet pumps.

So ladies, those celebrity mums may be glamorous, but they still know what comes first in pregnancy... safety and comfort!

There's plenty of time for tottering on heels afterwards - if you can manage it, but don't be alarmed if you don't fancy popping them back on straight away - even Posh Spice took a maternity break from her Mannilos!

So, what do you think ladies? Heels or flats?

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