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By Peter Gallacher

Sharon Trotter (Independent Midwife)

Breastfeeding expert

As a midwife with over 24 years experience, a mother of five and founder of Sharon Trotter provides evidence-based advice for consumers and health professionals on midwifery related subjects, with special knowledge in breastfeeding and baby skincare.

sharonbsc.jpgIn 2005 Sharon gained her BSc in Advanced Studies in Midwifery and published work on midwifery related subjects. All her work, including articles on breastfeeding, neonatal skincare, skin-to-skin contact and cup feeding can be accessed here and on her own website which is listed above.

As a stakeholder in the NICE organisation ( her work on baby skincare has helped to change NHS policy within maternity units in the UK and beyond. Her book ‘Breastfeeding: the essential guide’ went on sale in 2004 and has remained in the top 10 best selling breastfeeding books on Amazon ever since (from almost 500 titles).

Sharon’s recent interviews are linked below:-

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