Peter Gallacher
By Peter Gallacher

Alex Gardner (Professor)

Alex Gardner is a Chartered Psychologist with more than 30 years experience in psychology and therapeutic principles.


Alex has taught on several national and international courses for counselling and interpersonal skills and is experienced in working with all types of phobias. He regularly appears in the press, on radio and on TV programmes, and is often consulted by journalists for expert psychological advice on phobias and relationships.


He has also presented papers examining the psychology of the rest room area! Plus, being married with five children and 12 grandchildren, it’s a wonder he has any time for anything else!


Professor Alex was on the station discussing relationships and how they’re affected when we have children. A great interview from an extremely friendly and knowledgeable man.


Alternatively, to hear some of professor Alex’s most recent archived interviews why not do a search within MY BABY PODCASTS.

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