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By Peter Gallacher

Reasons to plan a caesarean section

A planned caesarean section

Planned caesareanMany people will have heard the expression “too posh to push” - it’s a sentence mainly aimed at celeb Mums who decide to have their babies in a private hospital via caesarean section.

Not for them is the pain of a natural birth, (cynics say) - but if they have decided to give birth that way is it really that bad to have an elective caesarean?

Mum of two Pauline McDonagh Hull believes all expectant mothers should be allowed to decide how they want to labour - regardless of class or their financial background. She argues a planned caesarean is sometimes more beneficial and that it’s too easy to say mums are lazy or don’t want to go through the pain of a natural delivery.

She believes many are genuinely petrified about giving birth vaginally and she wants an open and honest debate regarding the issue of c-sections.

Pauline said: “Planned ceasarean delivery is a legitimate birth plan when compared with the risks of a planned vaginal delivery.”

However, her detractors claim it can be an unecessary operation with man risks to a c section which can leave the new mother in pain and discomfort for many weeks or months after the birth. Plus, statistically it costs more to perform the operation on the NHS.

In the interview listed below, Pauline sets out her arguments for a planned caesarean sections. Claiming the operation could save money and lives.

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